Amber weather-warning issued for cloud of LYNX Africa for tomorrow

(Posted on 25th December 2020)

BE ADVISED: Strong scent of Lynx Africa expected across the UK today.

The Weather Office have issued a UK Weather-Warning today after Meteorological instrumentation picked up on high amounts of LYNX Africa in the atmosphere over the UK today.



One expert said “this may be linked to the high amount of Lynx Africa sprays being opened and used in households across the UK today”. “This is mostly thanks to Mothers and Mother in laws buying their sons the dreaded LYNX GIFT SETS”.

They also warned that, following a brief lull in concentrations, between the hours of 5 and 8pm concentrations may peak once more as people use their new sprays to try and dilute the smell of off Turkey and bad alcohol. However, it must be noted that the cloud is expected to FIZZLE OUT tonight as people forget they were even given the gifts.

People need to take precautions, low visibility is also possible due to the intense cloud.

Please remember, this is posted in SATIRE. There are no actual weather warnings in force today, however keep an eye on the Met Office website to see if any do appear.