The complications and uncertainties of longer range weather forecasts.

“Weather changes day to day, but climate remains pretty steady”.

Pretty true, right? Well in turns out long range weather forecasts are unable to give exact pointers as to what it will be doing say, on December 25th 2018, or January 16th 2019, that is just not possible. Long range forecasts are more a “climatic” forecast, so we just kind of forecast the trends as to what the climate this winter may be compared to average, if it’s colder than average, please bear in mind that’s a “colder than average climate forecast”, so although the overall temperature may materialize as being colder than average throughout the “climate period”, there will be day to day weather changes and variations. As mentioned, is is not possible to predict day to day weather months in advance. That is something we will be doing when winter storms, blizzards etc come within the “pondering time frame” – the time frame which we can suggest a “weather event” may happens, ie a blizzard, which is about 10 days.