Heavy UK Snow tomorrow could disrupt the Vaccine Rollout

Concerns have been raised by some after heavy snow is expected to fall in East Anglia tomorrow, with a risk of some snow in Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, the East Midlands and parts of South East England. An Amber warning has been issued by the Met Office for inland East Anglia where 5-10cm of snow is expected to fall early tomorrow morning.

Yesterday, heavy snowfall in Yorkshire and North East England lead to disruption to the vaccine rollout. Many elderly in Newcastle were told to “remain home” and to not risk venturing out in the bad weather due to the risk of falling. Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said there was “no need to risk” venturing out in the bad weather, and most appointments have been rebooked. It is possible that similar circumstances will unfold in parts of the South East tomorrow. Keep an eye on conditions outside tomorrow and make an informed decision on your journey tomorrow.