Frigid, Near Record-Breaking Cold to affect Alaska

It’s no doubt that the bulk of the US will be bathing in exceptionally mild air this week. Temperatures are really going to be balmy. However, that isn’t true for a few. Alaska is set for an extremely frigid blast of air after Christmas. Temperatures here are expected to be some 30-40’F BELOW normal.

The following map (via demonstrates this difference quite well. This chart is valid for the day after Xmas day (26th December). Note the deep blues across the central portion of the States and into much of Canada, but also notice the purples across Alaska. That’s indicative of temperatures some 30C below normal in the Alaska region!

I mean, Fairbanks (Alaska) is a cold place in December. The average maximum temperature is -15C (5F). However, by the weekend and start of next week (Monday 30th December), temperatures in Fairbanks, AL, may not rise much above -40C, which is also -40F. That is some really exceptional cold.